Smart & Simple Paperless Contact Management

"Do you have a card?"

Ever shown up to an event and realize you don't have business cards? Remembered your cards but found yourself apologizing for the appearance of a card that has been in your pocket? Pulled your laundry from the dryer only to realize that you'd washed away the contact information of a recent contact?

What if instead of handing out cards blindly with no understanding of whether contacts lost your card or lost interest but instead offered both members of the transaction had the opportunity to follow-up? If instead of handing potential contacts the chore of entering your contact information into their address book you gave them a way to enter your data into their contact system of choice? What would it be worth to you to have a nearly guarateed system ensuring that you follow-up with every person who received your business card?

A business card that is always available, is easily updated, and shares your contact information with all of your connections? Fantastic! Cardigan will also tell you where and when you met somebody and you'll have their email address to follow-up with them!

"How it works"

Meet: You make a new friend! Your friend enters their email into the app. Cardigan remembers where & when you met.

Connect: Cardigan sends your new friend a little something about you & tracks that too. You decide what to say and when.

Talk: Cardigan continues the conversation by sending your new friend scheduled follow-up messages.

Love: Cardigan helps you stay in touch with your new friend. You make a lasting connection & the rest is history.